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Austin Online

Hello, my blog name is Austin and I’m ten years old. This year I am in grade five. And my school is St-Lawrence. I live in Candiac, a suburb of Montreal, Canada. I have a big family of six, so: four kids, my parents, my sister, my two brothers and me. My whole family is bilingual, and talks English and French, except my mom who is trilingual, as she also speaks Greek.

My passions are mostly sports like football and basketball. I like football because I like playing wide receiver. The wide receiver position is the person who goes wide and tries to catch the ball. My favourite team is the New England Patriots, and my Continue reading

The Big Scare

IMG_1910This April is the one-year mark of when my dog Bailey was hit by a car. She has made a big recovery since then, but that night she was hit, we thought she might be paralyzed, or even worse, die. So that night, we were really scared.

It was four days before Easter. That night, my sister, my brother and I were all watching a show called Big Brother Canada. My older brother was going to the gym, and my dad was going to Continue reading

Never Ending Post | A Search Engine Game

Rules: 1. Start at Wikipedia Simple English with one key word (topic). Copy down a few facts. Choose a second key word. 2. Use the Google search engine to find a site with the second key word. Choose a third key word. Keep repeating! The Ideal Post: Skips around from topic to topic. Demonstrates different search strategies (e.g. Google images, Google news, maps) or certain types of sites (e.g. digital encyclopedias, dictionaries).


Everybody who plays  ports needs a coach to encourage them in a game. Some people would rather Watch people play sports those people are called fans or could be called spectators.


tv110   Continue reading

Pool finally

Well my pool is finally ready at my house and I’m really really happy. It was ready a month ago but it has been getting warmer now. I jumped in the first day it was ready since I was so excited. But the second I jumped to get in I regretted it. A few days ago when I was getting something that had fallen in my brother pushed me right in which I really did not like because I was in my jeans.


800px-Heirloom_Seed_PacketsEvery year me and my little brother  get seeds to plant. Not flower seeds – fruit or vegetable seeds. This year some of the things I have gotten were like Water Melons, Cantaloupe, Broccoli and much more then that to.

Well I planted them two days ago. And I really just can`t wait until some of them will grow. Continue reading

Escaped Again!

parrot-1218241_960_720My bird has already escaped two times this year. So far both times I have not been there when she escaped.  My bird has also escaped other year’s before this year but I’m going to be talking about the time’s that happened this year.

So the first time my bird escaped it was when my grandpa let her out. He was just opening the back door and as he was she escaped. Luckily my older brother was outside just in our back yard. And he climb on to something to get her from a tree in my backyard.

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My Favorite Blog Student Edublog Challenge

I was looking for the blog that I find the best and the one that I chose was Xavier’s. The reason I chose him was because he writess about what he thinks and a lot of information. So now I’ll be giving examples of posts were he does this.

So the first post that I found where he says his opinion would be the post about his favorite games in witch he says his top 5  favorite games. The number one game he says he likes is this game  broforce but I do not really know that game. His reason is that he likes it is because Continue reading